Removing Vocals From A Song

Removing vocals from a song is not an exact science!  The algorithms to do so are extremely cutting edge and in many cases it makes more sense to re-record the album or purchase a 'karaoke' version.

However, here is how you can do it in DJ Twist & Burn.

Select a song and click "audiofx" on the right hand side of the window or select "Adjust Song Volume/Boost/Effects" from the "Song List" menu.

Select a Meta Preset from the effects drop down such as "Vocal Removal 1".  Click "Play" to preview the song without vocals.  If it doesn't sound that great, try "Vocal Removal 2" or "Vocal Removal 3".

Vocal removal is an inexact science and will vary from song to song.  It will almost never be perfect and you will have to experiment.  Some songs work better than others.

You can also choose vocal removal, by right clicking on a song, selecting "Effects" and then clicking "Vocal Removal 1".

You can then burn a CD or render out an audio file and it will burn or render exactly as you hear it!

Tip: To remove vocals from all songs on the song list, click "Select All" from the "Edit" menu.  Then click "Effects" on the "Song List" menu and select the desired Meta Preset.

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