Making Songs Sound The Same Volume

When you add a song to DJ Twist & Burn, the software analyzes it to see if its volume is too low.  If its too low, it will increase the volume so that it sounds consistent with other songs.  There are at least three ways to balance the perceived loudness.

Automatic Loudness Balancing
DJ Twist & Burn will attempt to fix the volume levels of a song so that you do not have to constantly adjust the volume from song to song.  This process will lower the volume of songs that are too loud.  This algorithm is based off the Replay Gain standard.  This will cause the software to spend more time processing each song!  You can turn this on or off in the Audio Preferences.  To automatically balance an older saved song list, select "Balance Volume Equally Over All Songs" from the "Song List" menu after you have loaded the list!

The entire song is analyzed for the highest sound signal.  If it isn't at the maximum, the software increases the volume by the amount that would make the highest sound signal reach the maximum for digital sound.  This will not introduce distortion, but it may not make any noticeable difference.  

Boost is our buzz word for an audio compressor.  You can use boost for recordings that can't normalize due to a maximum signal value somewhere in the song.  Boost will  make the lower volume parts of a song louder and the higher parts of a song lower.  For example, newer recordings sound loud because they are usually boosted before being put on a commercial music CD.  Older recordings are usually great candidates for boosting.

Studies show that humans are more sensitive to the frequencies from 2,500 Hz to 4,000 Hz.  (Search the Internet on 'Fletcher-Munson Equal Loudness Curves' for more information.)  You can try increasing or decreasing the equalization in this range by creating custom EQ setting for each song.  See more on Using Effects.