Sound Scan Preferences

DJ Twist & Burn will constantly be adding new songs into your Music Library found on your computer's hard drive.  These options allow you to set the parameters of what gets 'imported' into your library. ( Note that there is a big difference in the way 3.0 and 4.0 worked.)

Types of Songs
Click the type and minimum length of the files that you'd like to add.  For now, you can choose to import MP3, WAV, OGG & WMA files.  (Note that it only supports non-DRM protected WMA files.)

Where should the scan for new songs?
This allows you to specify the folders to scan for new songs that you may have downloaded, created or ripped.  (Songs ripped with DJ Twist & Burn are automatically added to the library)
Search entire computer
DJ Twist & Burn will search the rest of your computer for music files.  This includes all hard drives and any networked drives, as well.  In this mode, it searches your entire computer.  You can specify directories to not search in this mode. 
o Search network drives
DJ Twist & Burn will search any networked drives.  You may want to turn this off if you find that your imports are taking longer and you don't really care about searching networked drives. 
o Search on my desktop
Your desktop and sub folders on the desktop will be searched for new music files.
o View Exclude List
This brings a list of directories that you do not want to search for new songs.  Examples would include temporary directories, game folders.  If you want to speed up your search add as many directories as you can think of, especially larger directories. ( Note that if you had a root directory such as "C", this will not search C or any folders under C which might not be the intended result!) 
Search these folders ONLY
This allows you to add directories to search.  The sound scan will search these directories and all subdirectories under them.  For example, if all of your music was in "C:\My Music" in sub-directories such as "C:\My Music\Artist1" and "C:\My Music\Artist2\", etc., you'd add this "C:\My Music\".  The sound scan would search this folder and all sub-directories.  The order is important and it will start searching in the top directory and finish with the last.
o Suggest Folders…
These will scan your computer for folders that contain the word "mp3", "music" and add them automatically to the directory list.  (This can be very useful and it's quick.)
o Up, Down, Remove, Add
These buttons allow you to re-arrange the list of folders.