Library Menu

Show/Hide Library Tab 
This lets you toggle the Library tab from being visible to not being visible, and vice versa.
This will start playback of the currently selected song.
This will move the selected song, album or artist  to the DJ Twist & Burn Trash.
Undelete All
This will 'undelete' any items in the trash and move them back to their previous albums and artists.
This will add or remove the current song, album or artist and any sub items to the Song List.
Edit Tag Information
This will edit the tag information for the currently selected song, artist or album. 
Open Containing Folder
This will open the folder in Windows containing the file for the most recently selected track.  More
Empty Trash
This will move any artists, albums and songs into the Window's Recycle Bin.  ***Use caution with this option as some items might be important to other programs or games.*** 
Clean Library
This will remove any songs that have been moved or deleted from your hard drive.  This may take a few seconds depending on the size of your library. 
Delete Library
This will delete your music library.  Note that this will not delete your actual music files!