MP3 CD Wizard

The features and benefits of a MP3 CD is that you can store potentially 200 songs on a single CD!!!  If you happen to have a DVD burner, you could burn approximately 1000 songs on a single DVD.  You would rarely get sick of you music and could potentially back up your entire music collection on one or two DVDs!

There are 3 presets for burning MP3 CDs:
Standard (the default)
o Choose this if you don't know what your MP3 CD player supports
o Supports MP3s from 32-320 kbps  (VBR or CBR)
o Converts any WMA, OGG or WAV to MP3 (does not affect original files)
o Unlimited folders and sub folders
o No limit to the number of songs
o Converts songs that have detected errors, ie: bad frames.
o Preserves the order of the songs by modifying the song names to '0001-song1, 0002-song2', etc.
Fast  (for the fastest burns)
o Supports any WMA, MP3, OGG or WAV
o Supports all bit-rates
o No song order preservation
o Does minimal processing to get the CD burned as fast as possible!
Specify (for greatest control)
o You can choose the number of folders & sub folders possible
o You can choose to preserve the order of your songs!
o You can choose to normalize and/or auto trim silence from songs
o You can choose the formats that your player supports, ie: if you only want to support WMA files, all MP3s being burned will first be converted to WMA and then burned
o More on this option : Specify