Play Your Songs

The playback controls are shown below.

Use this button to rewind the current song and start playback from the beginning.  If less than 4 seconds have played, it will start playback of the previous song.

Use this button to start playback of the next song.  (Find or Arrange window.)

/ Use these buttons to start and stop playback. 

  You can use the slider to restart the playback from a given offset.

Playback Modes
There 2 modes when playing back songs.

Continuous - This mode will play songs indefinitely.  If it reaches the end of a song list, it will start over from the beginning.

Random - If in continuous mode, this will cause a totally random song to play next.

The song that the software will choose to play next will be from the last window that they clicked the button on.  For example, if you click the button on the Music Library window, then the subsequent songs will be picked from the Music Library.   Note that if there is only 1 song in the active window, such as the Find or Song List window, then that song will play continuously.  (You never know, someone out there may have intended that. J )

Songs can be set up to fade from one to another, as well.  For more info on this see Cross Fading Fun or the DJ Fader Dialog