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DJ Twist & Burn has a trial period of 7 days without any restrictions!  After that, you will need to purchase a registration code to burn a CD or render to an audio file.
Please don't let the above happen to our programmers!   All joking aside, we have put many hours into this software and we hope that you decide to purchase the software!

Benefits of Registration
Unlimited and unrestricted usage!
Support Acoustica and future products of the same caliber.

Get unlimited usage NOW!  You can purchase a registration code right now and automatically receive a registration code in your email within minutes.  

BUY NOW!  To purchase a registration code, click the "Buy Now On-line" item from the "Help" menu or the "BUY" button on the toolbar.

If you don't have the software up now, visit the website to purchase a code.  Go to!

Purchase methods
Credit card
Pay Pal
Postal/Traditional Mail

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