Remote Database Preferences

The remote database is .  It is a FREE online database of 1000's and 1000's or CD albums and track information.   When you put a CD in your CD drive, our software queries the database in order to get the artist, album and track information.  

MANY, MANY thanks to the people and volunteers behind!  

Automatically get album information
This option will cause DJ Twist & Burn to query as soon as a new CD is put in a CD drive.  It will cause your computer to dial or connect to the Internet.  If you do want it to look up the information automatically, uncheck this option.

Update site list
There are many mirrors of the database hosted around the world.  It is possible that is too far from your location and does not always establish a connection.   
Click this button to retrieve a full list of official freedb sites hosted around the world.

Use this freedb site
Select the site from which you'd like to retrieve album, artist and track information for your CDs.  If you only see one site, click the "Update site list".  You will see a short description and location of the site when you click on the site.