Specify MP3 File CD Settings
For the greatest control on format, bit-rate, folders and order preservation, choose this option in the MP3 File CD Wizard. 

Page 1: Supported File Formats
Page 2: MP3 Settings (if applicable)
Page 3: WMA Settings (if applicable)
Page 4: Folder Settings
Page 5: Final (Order preservation, miscellaneous)

Page 1: Supported File Formats
Not all MP3 CD Players are created alike! J  Most can play MP3 files.  Many cannot play WMA files.  (WAV files will automatically be converted to either WMA or MP3, depending on your settings.) Select the formats that your player supports.  If you aren't sure, consult your manual, or find product information on your player on the Internet via a search engine, such as Google.

If you have more than one format that your player supports, you will need to choose the format that you'd like all unsupported formats to convert to.  For example, if your player supports MP3 and WMA, then you might choose WMA.  If anything needs to convert, then it will convert to WMA.  (You have the option of choosing the bit-rate on the following page.)

Page 2: MP3 Settings
Page 2 contains the MP3 settings.  (This may be skipped if it was not checked on the previous page)  You can set the minimum and maximum bit rate that your player supports.  If an MP3 isn't in the supported bit rate range, it will be converted.  You can set your player to support Variable Bit Rate (VBR).  If you uncheck the option "My player supports VBR", then it will convert any MP3s that are VBR.  

If you are converting to MP3, choose the bit-rate that you'd like to convert unsupported files to.

Note that if you do not select MP3 on page 1, you will not see this page.

Page 3: WMA Settings
Page 3 is similar to page 2, except that it contains the minimum and maximum bit-rate for WMA.  Anything that is out of the range you select will be converted.

Note that if you do not select WMA on page 1, you will not see this page.

Page 4: Folder Settings
You have the option to set up how your MP3 CD player handles folders.  Note that these settings will mainly warn you if you create a play list that your MP3 CD player does not handle properly.
My player supports folders - If your player supports a limited # of folders, click "Limit to" and enter in the maximum # of folders that your player allows
My player supports sub-folders under folders - If your player supports a limited # levels of sub-folders, click "Limit to" and enter in the maximum # of levels that your player allows.
My player also limits the number of songs to - (more options)
o # songs total - this is the maximum number of songs total on the entire CD, regardless of folders
o # songs per folder - this is the maximum number of songs per folder allowed.
Maximum File Name Length - This lets you set the maximum file name length. (Some MP3 CD players have limits on the file name length.)

Page 5: Final (Order preservation, miscellaneous)
File order preservation can be very important, especially for stories or 'audio books'.  Who likes to listen to chapter 15 before chapter 2? (Okay, okay, for those few who do, put your hands down. ;-) )  Some MP3 CD players will put your songs in either alphabetical or date order, which would be wrong if the order is important.
Preserve Song Order
o Rename the song files so that they sort correctly - This option will actually rename the song files by pre-pending a track # to the name of the file.  For example, "chapter1.mp3" would turn into "01_chapter1.mp3".  
o My player supports M3U play lists - Use this option if your player supports M3U play lists.  (You'll need to load the M3U play list in your MP3 CD player.)  The play list will be called "_playlist.m3u" in the main/root directory of the CD.
My player supports spaces in folders and song names - Some players do not support spaces in folder and song names.  If you uncheck this option, it will replace spaces with underscores _ .  For example, a file name "Cool Hand Luke.mp3" would turn into "Cool_Hand_Luke.mp3"
Use trim, volume, EQ, Boost, fading, and normalization settings - If this is checked, songs will be trimmed, EQ'd, boosted, faded and normalized and converted into temporary files before burning.  It will use the settings found on the CD Burning page in the Preferences.  (Note that this will add a lot of time to burning the CD, which is why this is off by default.  Also, overlapping and mixing is not preserved in MP3 CD mode.)