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"I have tried many dj mixing products from freeware to share ware to professional dj mixing software but none have compared to the ease of use of dj twist and burn. Most software only allows you to fade tracks but not to mix it as well ...this product was a real life saver!"

Jonathan Hernandez / Bronx, NY

"Thank you for making a great piece of software that works well, and is easy to use! If anyone wants to create their own Aerobics music routines, this is perfect! You do not need to be a WAV file editing genius to get what you want done quickly with this!"

Rob K. / Harrisburg, PA

"I am huge fan of Acoustica's philosophies and programmes.... I have bought a few over the last couple of years. I recently bought DJ Twist and Burn and it is absolutely wonderful and works exactly like this website says it would and does just what I want it to do. But my real comment here is the brilliant service and endless patience I received when a conflict on my PC caused DJ T&B to crash on opening. It worked fine on another machine, so we knew it wasn't the software at fault. Of course the problem was resolved and I'm once again happily making mixtape CDs to listen in my car. A very happy customer from Cape Town Cheers, "

- Brian Currin Cape Town, South Africa

"As your software is indeed easy to use and thanks to your excellent personal advice, I bought it! The beatmatching works really extremely well, better than with my Pioneer decks! Being mainly a "bedroom-dj" I mix loungy cd's for boutiques, soundtracks for fashion shows and dance/house mixes for fullmoon-partys thrown by a friend of mine in Thailand. Probably your software works best for the latter?!? Up to now I burned 3 dance mixes in no time! If it is of any pleasure and/or useful information for you I will gladly send them to you!? Big up & maximum respect!"

- Frank

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