Using A Cracked Code Or KeyGen Is Stealing!

Here is a list of 13 reasons to stop pirating Mixcraft

Acoustica prides itself on our software. We've invested a lot of time, effort and money into the development of our software and it hurts us financially when people use a keygen, cracked serial code or modified installer.

Why would anyone steal from us? Most people wouldn't shoplift a boxed software product from a retail store, but many will use keygens.

Please Do The Right Thing! Purchase a license code directly from our website! We value our jobs. We have a small team and we may have to terminate someone's job if this piracy does not slow down. If we had to let someone go, it might mean they'd have to sell their house and move to find new work, losing all their friends in the process, etc., etc.

In addition to being illegal, most of these 'warez' sites are filled with viruses and trojan horses, so its dangerous and could possibly cause your computer to be compromised and/or ruined.

Thanks for listening and when you are ready to activate your software for unlimited usage, please purchase a legitimate copy from our webserver! :)

Please purchase our software here! Thank You!!! We Appreciate It!