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Removal Vocals From A Song

Vocal Removal is a very inexact science, and it is very difficult to completely remove vocals from a song. However, with many songs, and the latest technology, it is possible to do a very thorough job when it comes to removing vocals from a recording.


Download a vocal removal plug-in

The Extra Boy vocal removal VST plug-in, created by Elevayta (www.elevayta.com), is a free, high-quality vocal removal tool. Download the Extra Boy vocal removal plug-in from Acoustica’s site at the following URL:



Install this VST Effect, and restart Mixcraft.


Load a song


Load a song and place it at time zero on track one:




Next, press the FX button on Track 1, and you will see the Track 1 Effects dialog:


Click on the ‘Select New Effect To Add’ drop-down and load the Extra_Boy effect:




Select the ‘Full Spectrum (HR)’ preset. The (HR) presets are High Resolution presets and will give you better results.




Now, press Play in Mixcraft and you will hear your song with reduced vocals. This process is not always perfect, and depends on the song, but sometimes the results can be very, very good.


You can now Render the results to a WAV file, MP3 file, or other file format using the File Render function, or you can burn the track directly to CD. In addition, you can string a number of songs together on the same track, one after the next, and use the CD Track Marker and CD Burning tools to burn a music-only CD. This is great for karaoke parties!




Experiment with the controls in Extra Boy. Try different settings and see if you can achieve better results. There are additional presets as well which may give you better (or worse!) results. Since Vocal Removal is a very difficult science, it is difficult to make a preset that works on all sorts of sonic material, so tweaking the controls can greatly improve your results. Have fun with it!