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Keyboard Controls


Moving Sounds Around (assumes a sound is selected)

(<- or -> )    +/- quick move (depends on zoom level.) More..

Ctrl + (<- or -> )   +/- 20 milliseconds. More..

Ctrl + Shift + (<- or -> )  +/- 1 millisecond. More..


Moving the Caret Around

(<- or -> )    +/- quick move (depends on zoom level.)

Ctrl + (<- or -> )   +/- 20 milliseconds.

Ctrl + Shift + (<- or -> )  +/- 1 millisecond.

(Up arrow or down arrow)  Move the caret between tracks.


Navigating around sounds

TAB     Select next sound. More

Shift+TAB    Select previous sound. More

[Esc]     Deselect any selected sounds.


Playback controls

SPACE  bar    Start or stop playback.

SPACE + Ctrl    Playback from next timeline marker.

SPACE + Ctrl + Shift   Playback from last timeline marker.

(<- or -> )    Minor adjustments of current playback position

[Home]     Rewind playback indicator to 0.

[End]     Fast forward playback indicator to end of mix.



[Delete]     Delete any selection of sound(s).

+     Zoom in.

-     Zoom out.

Ctrl+Z     Undo.

Ctrl+Y     Redo.

Ctrl+X     Cut.

Ctrl+C     Copy.

Ctrl+V     Paste.

Ctrl+A     Select All.

Ctrl+N     New Mix.

Ctrl+O     Open Mixcraft Project…

Ctrl+S     Save.

Ctrl+R     Launch Record Dialog

Ctrl+J     Join Selected Sounds

Ctrl+T     Split Sound at Caret

Ctrl+I     Trim Silence From selected sound


Nudging Sounds via the Keyboard

You can move sounds via the keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move selected sounds!


Moving horizontally along the timeline.

Use the arrows to move the sound quickly.

Hold down the Ctrl key and the sounds will move in increments of 20 milliseconds. Hold down the Ctrl+Shift key to move in increments of 1 millisecond.


(<- or -> )    +/- quick move (depends on zoom level.)

Ctrl + (<- or -> )   +/- 20 milliseconds

Ctrl + Shift + (<- or -> )  +/- 1 millisecond


Moving sounds vertically

You can move the sound vertically as well. You may do this if you are trying to move sound(s) to another track.


Tabbing between Sounds via the Keyboard

If you are interested in getting around quickly in the session and love the keyboard movement features, you will be happy to know that you can switch from sound to sound via the Tab key and Shift-Tab key combination.


The Tab key will select the next sound on the current track or the first sound on the subsequent track. (If you are at the end of the last track, it will go to the start of the first track.)


Holding down Shift key and pressing the Tab key will do the opposite of Tab. It will select the previous sound on the track. If it is the first track, it will select the last sound on the previous track.