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Make A DJ Mix CD

In order to create a great DJ Mix CD, you should learn a few of these tricks.


Automatic Play List Import

If you have a play list, you can automatically import and mix all the contained songs. (Play list types include: m3u, pls, pl, cbs, asx, cl3, cl4, cl5, nra, pya, rcl, rmp, rxp, wax, wpl, wvx, xml, txt.) This will overlap all songs in the play list and place a track marker at each intersection. This is a good for a basic mix, but there is no guarantee that it will actually sound good! To import a play list, select "Import Play List…" from the "File" menu.


Automatic Fading By Overlapping Songs


You can drag a song over another song and make an automatic fade! Use the keyboard shortcuts to move the song to the best sounding offset. The hashed area shows the overlapping area.


Get The Beats Lined Up

Crop the songs so that they start at the right spot. Use the envelopes to create fade ins and fade outs during the transitions. You might even change the pitch of one song slightly so that the beats line up better. To change the pitch/rate of a song, right click on the song and select "Change Pitch…"


Create a Lo-Fi Intro

Ever hear one of the songs that starts out sounding like it’s on a cheap radio speaker and then as it hits a bridge it bursts into full glory? You can do this by splitting a sound and placing the first part on a track with LoFI EQ. To do this, click the mouse at the offset you’d like to split the sound. Press Ctrl+T or select "Split" from the "Sound" menu. Now click the first part to select it and use the keyboard down arrow to move it down the next track. Click the "FX" button and select "Acoustica EQ" from the drop down. Select "Lo Fi" from the Preset drop down to finish this trick.


Create A Resonant Filter Fade In

This is a really nice trick that gives a fresh energy to a song. The listener hears a low beat and, slowly over time, hears new parts coming out of the mix, as it gets brighter and brighter. Select the "Low Resonance" from the Show Env: control on the toolbar. Move your mouse over the envelope line until it turns into an up/down arrow and drag it up half way. Switch the Show Env: control to "Low Cutoff" and select the first 30 seconds of the song. Select "Fade In" from the "Sound" menu to create a fade with the Low Cutoff. You can also add your own envelope points, adjust the resonance level, change the resonance level over time. You can do the opposite effect by using the "High Cutoff" and "High Resonance" for fade-outs or interesting transitions.


Create A Flangy / Panning Transition

Select an area of the song that is a good for a transition or, perhaps, create a loop with Beatcraft at the right tempo. Cut the section out of the song and put it on a new track. Add some Flange and pan the section of the sound from the one side to the other for an interesting effect. Add a Delay effect to really mix it up.


Position Your Track Markers

If you are burning a CD with multiple tracks, you’ll need to add some track markers. Select "Add Marker..." from the "Marker" menu or double click on the time line. You can also right click on the time line. Preview the marker positions by clicking "Play". If you are using CD-Text or creating MP3s, name each track so that they will be properly tagged.


Burn A CD Or Mix Down To Compressed Audio Files

If you are making a CD, click "Burn CD". If the software does not find a supported CD recorder, you can also export the tracks as multiple WAV files @ 44,100 Hz, 16 bit stereo and use another program to burn them. If you are creating multiple compressed files, select "Mix Down To" from the "File" menu and then select MP3, OGG, WMA or RealAudio.