Mixcraft Help - Purchase - Download - Acoustica


The toolbar allows quick access to common functions.


image\ebx_1238752104.gif  Create a new Mixcraft project

image\ebx_1641060035.gif  Open/Load a Mixcraft project

image\ebx_581533168.gif  Save

image\ebx_-802758211.gif  Add a sound (MP3, WAV or WMA)

image\ebx_-109342137.gif  Play/Stop

image\ebx_978563530.gif  Rewind to the beginning

image\ebx_-1346036214.gif  Fast Forward to the end

image\ebx_1806302872.gif  Record

image\ebx_737523739.gif  Select the active envelope (volume, pan, etc.)

image\ebx_708719624.gif  Burn A CD!

image\ebx_1593978651.gif  Zoom In to the Caret position

image\ebx_1766687596.gif  Zoom Out from the Caret position

image\ebx_737862391.gif  Preferences

image\ebx_-946664669.gif Purchase the software. (This goes away, if the software is already purchased.)