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Tracks are audio channels that have their own volume, pan and effects.



Track Name

Give your track a name, feed it some track food and love it dearly. (What else could I write here? J)


Volume & Pan

After all sounds on the track have been mixed, each track has its own volume and pan adjustment. You can either use the slider or type in a value via an edit box.


Track Effects (FX)

Each track has its own effects that are added after all sounds have been mixed together. In addition, the effects are added after the track volume and pan have been applied. To add or view effects, click the "FX" button on each track. More on Effects



Mutes or silences all sounds on a track. Note: All muted tracks will stay muted during a mix down.



Solos this track so that it is the only track you hear. This is convenient way to listen to a specific track without hearing the others. Note that it is possible to solo more than one track, and, thus, you will hear all soloed tracks.


Add a New Track

To add a new track, click "Add Track" on the "Mix" menu or click the "Add Track" button below the lowest track header. The other way to add a track is to simply drag or move a sound down.


Insert A Track

To insert a new track, right click on the track and click "Insert Track". The new track will be inserted before the track you right clicked on.


Move Track Up

Right click on a track and select "Move Track Up" to move it up.


Move Track Down

Right click on a track and select "Move Track Down" to move it down.