Mixcraft 1 Version History

02/17/2005 Mixcraft 1.1 build 18

  • New demo project thanks to Eric Vanlandingham! It's pretty sweet!
  • Uninstall survey support
  • Help file updated
  • Fix for saving freeze
  • Fix for marker drift
  • Fix for tooltip slow down for mp3s
  • A few text changes, ie: copyrights ,etc.
  • Copy and paste works for track text
  • Added Beatcraft to additional Acoustica products in Help menu.
  • Better WMA support
  • Added Distortion effect
  • Effects now are graphically 'Acoustica effects'
  • Fix for not rendering effect tails in certain cases.
  • Tooltips now working again over sound clips.
  • MP3 tag info now saved properly in MP3s.
  • Changing length of clip via "Sound Properties" now adjusts master internal length properly.
  • Recording dir, MXP dirs, Add Sound dir has their own last used directory so you don't have to keep switching dirs all the time.
  • Can now use from different users without having to reinstall for each user account!

06/18/2004 Mixcraft 1.1 build 15

  • New Example
  • Fix for 10 second freezes with WMA files.
  • Windows "Open With" now works properly with Mixcraft
  • Save As now updates the Mixcraft title bar.
  • After editing sound in external editor and clicked cancel, wav display was incorrect
  • Minor copy & Paste error with wave display.
  • Undo bug with track markers.
  • Importing playlist - track markers default to new green color.
  • Faster drawing of sounds
  • Strings are ready for translating
  • High quality anti-aliasing when mixing down to low sample rate WAV or audio files. Works great!
  • Fix for CD track markers versus normal track marker
  • Import play list now names track markers with closest song.
  • Preview sound now remembers its last checked state.
  • Missing MP3 find sound dialog no longer crashes in certain case.
  • Flanger LFO resets every time playback begins now.
  • Sample rate warning if you try and mix down to an unsupported format.
  • Fix for crash when rendering some MP3s
  • Added original length on sound props.
  • Minor focus issue
  • "Open With" on a sound works with Mixcraft now.
  • Undo issue related to length and sound properties fixed.
  • Minor text fix on OGG dialog
  • Add ability to export OGG files.
  • Improved caret keyboard control
  • Added hot key to play from previous marker
  • Added split clip feature
  • Added join feature
  • Reduced overdubbing latency
  • Fix for playback pop for rate changed sounds
  • Added Ctrl+R to bring up recording dialog
  • Added ability to set exact offset and length via ?sound properties?
  • Keyboard focus bug fixes
  • Fix for panning bug ? was not restoring pan control properly when loading a project.
  • Fixed crash related to undoing and deleting sounds.
  • Added support for 24 bit playback and recording. (Requires a soundcard that supports it)
  • Other bug fixes

05/14/2004 Mixcraft 1.0 build 10

  • Fixes problem decoding some serial codes for shorter emails
  • Fixes recording crash on Win98 after recording 11 minutes!

04/19/2004 Mixcraft 1.0 build 9

  • Fix for loading projects with loops
  • Also fixes the inaccessible envelope point bug
  • Slight enhancement for WMA loops. (However, WMA loops may still have a few moments of silence when starting playback from the exact loop point)

04/16/2004 Mixcraft 1.0 build 8

  • Initial release!