Mixcraft 2 Version History

08/02/2006 Mixcraft 2.51 build 55

  • Fix for mp3 rendering bug. Tag was not compatible with some programs/products.

07/27/2006 Mixcraft 2.51 build 54

  • Exported more strings for international version
  • Fixed a few other random bugs.

06/28/2006 Mixcraft 2.51 build 53

  • Trial goes forever now...just can't render to mp3 or burn cds after 7 days.
  • Fix for bug rendering to mp3 - Windows Media Player did not like the files
  • Fix for rendering out extra padding at end of file.
  • Fix for some strings that were not ready for translation.
  • Fix for loading acidized file at the wrong rate.
  • Fix for track marker creation wizard - now counting "Start" track as #2
  • Fix for uninitialized memory problem during playback. All kinds of potential problems with playback
  • Fix for crash that would happen when adjusting time stretch during playback.
  • Increased visible accuracy of track marker creation.

05/02/2006 Mixcraft 2.50 build 50

  • More supported CD & DVD recoders
  • Now has a generic CD recorder support system - See Preferences and click "CD Recorder", followed by "Goldenhawk Drive Override"
  • Now adds songs at same time offset (if loading in more than one at a time.)
  • Speed optimization when mixing down/ playing with effects on multiple tracks.
  • Can load more than 26 sounds in at a time now.

02/08/2006 Mixcraft 2.50 build 48

  • Lowered DX mem usage and sped up loading of effects during startup
  • Fixed crash deleting track and undoing during playback.
  • Was stopping sound when user moved it from track to track - fixed.

02/01/2006 Mixcraft 2.50 build 46

  • Lowered memory footprint a bunch.
  • Lowered memory footprint when rendering to MP3.

01/17/2006Mixcraft 2.50 build 45

  • Brand new/ high end time stretching and pitch shifting engine...Super high quality engine by Elastique
  • Fix for some USB audio recording devices not being noticed.
  • Plug in delay compensation!
  • Overdubbing fix - was placing clip in wrong spot when overdubbing in some cases.
  • Now supports all VST and DirectX effects!
  • New true pan instead of balance control!

12/22/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 41

  • Fix for rendering multiple mp3s - was creating clicks on some tracks. Old bug.
  • Gui on rendering dialog now enables and disables controls appropriately for tagging.
  • Temp directory glitch fixed.

11/21/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 40

  • Muting and soloing now make project dirty
  • Build 39 had a bug where after cutting a clip, the envelopes would be reset which is the main reason for the release.
  • Installer was not showing correct build #

11/14/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 39

  • More supported CD and DVD recorders (Goldenhawk)
  • Can now render to 320 kbps MP3s

08/16/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 38

  • Fix for nasty random crash that would happen in rare cases with bad wave out drivers. In one case, it happened all the time. Thanks to Maarten!
  • Added XP visual style (Only visible on XP)
  • Fixed drawing issues with track header - no more flickering.
  • Now handling UNC path names correctly (Networked files)
  • Fixed problem with bad temp directories.
  • Audio looping bug related to mils per peak in prefs.
  • Fixed track view redraw issue if a file from the MRU list does not exist.
  • Improved handling of windows mixer controls.

07/25/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 36

  • Fix for CD-Text not working with track names.
  • Render to multiple tracks not using correct track name.

06/28/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 33

  • Fix for DirectX effects not working when rendering to OGG, MP3, WMA as well as playing back at 24 bits. (Note that not all DirectX and VST effects will play back at 192khz properly but this is a flaw in those particular plug ins)
  • Memory corruption problems with Effects Dialog when moving effects around and deleting them in the effect chain fixed.
  • Fix for auto-disabling of effects message not popping up each time if there was a problem loading them once.

06/09/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 31

  • Fix for crash when starting up. (Usually on slower computers)
  • Setting doc dirty when time or pitch changing.
  • Can now uncheck or check VST or DirectX effects from loading.
  • Fix for crash loading a corrupt MP3

06/06/2005 Mixcraft 2.01 build 30

  • Fixed recording bugs
  • Added time stretching and pitch shifting
  • Added support for burning ISRC codes with Goldenhawk
  • Updated help file
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

05/24/2005 Mixcraft 2.0 build 28

  • Support for VST & DirectX FX
  • Integrated CD Burning
  • Track marker wizard
  • Improved track marker editing
  • Improved recording sync and overdub
  • Auto stop recording timer
  • Improved interface - splitting, keyboard control
  • Envelope tricks
  • Updated help file