Mixcraft 3 Version History

09/06/2007 Mixcraft 3.1 build 41

  • Fix for arming crash in ASIO mode.
  • Fix for shutting down in ASIO mode.
  • Version 3.1 build 40 - Public Beta.
  • Fix for ASIO driver issues and the Preferences.
  • Version 3.1 build 39 - Public Beta
  • Fix for ASIO4ALL issue with buffer sizes.
  • Fix for adjusting project tempo.
  • Fix for crash double clicking library loop when Internet is unavailable.
  • Fix for adjusting a sound's pitch mode. Would revert to wrong mode first time. (Visual glitch.)
  • Fix for sound adjusting pitch mode when playback encountered a tempo change.
  • Fix for vertical scrollbar.
  • Fix for dragging sounds in from explorer while vertically scrolled.

08/09/2007 Mixcraft 3.1 b38

  • Fix for overlapping clips not drawing properly.
  • More supported recorders
  • Fix for rate adjusting lower sample rates- would crash in some cases.
  • Fix for not being able to create recording file- would crash in rare cases. Now shows error message.
  • Misc Bulletproofing

07/31/2007 Mixcraft 3.1 b36

  • Fix for imapi cd burning bug with a single track.
  • Fix for selection issue.
  • Fix for loop playback mode and select all.

07/07/2007 Mixcraft 3.1 b34

  • Fix for standard file dialog Bulletproofing some very rare crashes
  • Fix for undo bug related to effects and tracks being deleted.
  • Added preference to not delete recordings when saving or shutting down, if desired.
  • Fix recording deletion logic, if user manually deleted file independent of software.
  • Bulletproofing in timegrid
  • Fix for crash related to effects and pressing the up arrow.
  • Trim silence was causing an envelope glitch.
  • Fix IMAPI burn issue

06/22/2007 Mixcraft 3 b31

  • Fix for rendering MP3s...was corrupting first 10 bytes of MP3 stream
  • Fix for right clicking during a drag. (You can no longer right click during a drag.)
  • No longer creating ghost folders on startup Now asking user if they want to switch rec folder after a "copy project sounds..."
  • Bullet proofing

06/11/2007 Mixcraft 3 b30

  • Fixed another obscure ASIO related issue.

06/07/2007 Mixcraft 3 b29

  • Fix for intermittent crashes related to tempo markers. Now locking in critical tempo functions.
  • ASIO control panel fix. Now the control panel is popping up in front of Mixcraft, instead of behind it!
  • Fix for parsing some MP3 files.
  • Fix for IMAPI mode - not allowing you to enter burn dialog if no blank in drive!

05/22/2007 Mixcraft 3 b27

  • Fix for playback button changing during mix down or going into prefs.
  • Fix for limitation on number of OGG files.
  • Vista fix for setting recording levels and choices. (WDM or WAVE mode)
  • Fix for crash relating to duplicating tracks and undo/redo.
  • Added always on monitoring.
  • Added latency warning when monitoring and latency display in prefs.

04/27/2007 Mixcraft 3 b25

  • Fixes long recording bug ( 2hr ) where playback indicator was going to wrong spot.
  • Fix for mp3 tagging problems
  • Was not opening in Win98
  • Was not splitting in rare cases
  • Fix for Copy Project Sounds bug (Was copying library sounds when user does not want to.)
  • Removed fading and transparency stuff on the effect dialogs.
  • Help file topic was not pointing to some how to sections...
  • Added a new "Unplugged" music style.
  • Fix for a minor selection bug where after undoing, the sounds would retain their selected status.
  • Fix for a crash when clicking the track name edit area and then deleting the track.
  • Fix for too many GDI handles in use...we do not use as many now. Fix for a selection issue relating resizing clips
  • Possible fix for the effects issue. Added extra logging, as well.

03/30/2007 Mixcraft 3 b22

  • New features!
  • Loop play back feature
  • Automatic track marker wizard back! :)
  • Recording Timer
  • Transfer Project (Copy Project Sounds To..)
  • Fix for effect dialog crash
  • Fix for weird glitchy text on time line
  • Updated help file

03/23/2007 Mixcraft 3 b19

  • Envelope bug fixes
  • Effect fixes
  • More crash logging for rare cases
  • Fix for copy and paste with non-tempo adjusted clips at different tempo
  • Uninstall survey hooked up properly.
  • Added crash protection logic when in ASIO mode (for bad ASIO drivers)
  • Mixing down selection, now mixes exact selection
  • Resizing clip to minimum size was moving the clip!
  • Resizing clip to minimum and back would show envelope points that were not there temporarily.
  • Mixcraft will now ask to check for an update every 30 days.
  • Switching a sound to adjust to tempo would not always adjust in the GUI the first time.
  • Arming tracks on the example project was wrong

03/09/2007 Mixcraft 3!

  • Brand new release of Mixcraft 3!
  • Integrated Loop Library
  • Built in time stretching and beat matching
  • ASIO support
  • True multi track recording
  • Monitoring
  • Pitch matching
  • Auto beat detection
  • One major face lift!