Mixcraft 4 Version History

03/19/2009 Mixcraft 4.5 b116

  • Fix for pop up dialogs related to an older version of the shared effects. (Harmless)
  • Fix for Sampletank crash
  • Installer now sets a default VST folder if there isn't a VST folder set.
  • Fix for deleting certain VSTis including the "Rhino 2".
  • Fix for crash on shutdown after using certain VSTis including the "Proteus VX"
  • No longer compatible with Win 98/ME/2000/NT.

03/09/2009 Mixcraft 4.5 b114

  • Fix for MIDI track duplication and a related undo crash.
  • Fix for Vista default browser launch  from installer
  • Fix for bank change glitch with Acoustica Instrument
  • Fix for some notes with some VSTis not starting at time 0
  • Fix for playing some notes at end of clip that should not actually play.
  • Installer now launches default browser, instead of IE.
  • Fix for pesky VSTs that Idle() a bunch. This makes it work better with SampleTank, for example.
  • Fix for 24 bit recording
  • Fix for random weird crashes when loading in sounds
  • Fix for a freeze related to undo/redo with effects.
  • Can now load WAV files that are 2^32 bytes or around 4 gigs in size.
  • Fix for freezing tracks
  • Added export to MIDI or "Save As MIDI File..." to "File" menu.
  • Added a new and more reliable CD burning engine. Please switch to it by going to the Preferences from the "File" menu and choosing "CD Burning". Choose "Primo" and then click OK. You will have to restart Mixcraft.
  • Added ability to choose active/audible channel for audio clips.
  • Fixed issue for audio interfaces with duplicate ouput names. (Vista related issue)
  • Installer fix related to temporary files

10/30/2008 Mixcraft 4.2 b104

  • Fix for bug where a mono input in WaveRT mode was not working properly if it was set as the default device.
  • Registration fix for schools.

10/13/2008 Mixcraft 4.2 b102

  • Now renders internally at 44k and if rendering to lower sampling rates, down samples. This was done for better compatibility with VST effects and instruments that do not handle lower sample rates very well.
  • Fix for a copy and paste bug with multiple tempos. Was not pasting some clips in the right offset when pasting more than one sound at a time.
  • Recording bug where it would not record properly in rare cases when used with some VST effects.
  • Fixed a crashing bug when changing to a specific OGG format when rendering.
  • Fixed a minor text issue with an accellerator for freezing a track.
  • Fix for bug where sounds that were selected with the selection box could not be deleted. This was a bug introduced into build 100.
  • Now includes two new song kits: Horror and Classic Jazz. Get them fresh from the server while their hot. ;-)

09/19/2008 Mixcraft 4.2 b100

  • Bug fix for selection issue where the whole sound was cut when it was barely selected.
  • Bug fix for note that would not play when the tempo was not 120 bpm.
  • Bug fix for freeze with VST effects. Now all VST effects are processed on a single thread due to incompatible VSTs and VSTis
  • Bug fix for tooltips on fx button. Some long name VST effects or over 256 bytes of effect names could cause a crash.
  • Installer will now install current full version and then do an update check at the end of the install. This way, it will save bandwidth and preserve existing options.
  • Multi-network installer bug fix for not checking for updates if desired and in silent mode.

08/25/2008 Mixcraft 4.2 b98

  • Added support for Waves plugins. (Required special initialization)
  • Fixed rendering issue related to track markers.
  • Fix for stuck or dropped MIDI notes during playback.
  • WaveRT latency improvement.
  • Bullet proofing for a rare detected crash.
  • Added ability to set sound engine to use a single CPU. This is mainly for compatibility with older VSTs.

07/14/2008 Mixcraft 4.1 b96

  • Memory leak fix for missing sounds
  • Fix for crash when playing loop sounds in some cases with an unregistered version of Mixcraft.
  • New "Black Magic Guitar" patch in Distorted Guitars by winner Luis Acuna.
  • 500-something new loops in 13 new song kits from Peace Love Productions and Adam A. Johnson.
  • Preference for turning off periodic checks for new updates of Mixcraft & loop libraries.
  • Loops in loop library can now be neither major nor minor.
  • Additional bullet-proofing and logging to fix difficult-to-catch crash.
  • Duplicating a track now properly lights the FX button if the duplicate track has effects.
  • Added ability to mix down only highlighted (selected) clips without drawing a selection rectangle
  • Repaired mixdown of multiple selected clips
  • Fixed undo when switching from custom instrument settings to an instrument patch
  • Bulletproofing of code to prevent two most common crashes
  • Repaired possible freeze when soloing a track in a project with multiple virtual instrument tracks
  • Repaired stuck notes when moving a MIDI clip from one MIDI track to another during playback
  • Fixed possible Windows Vista crash if recording device fails to open
  • Pasting MIDI notes into piano roll now draws velocity data for pasted notes
  • Fixed problem with volume envelope on pasted audio clip

05/09/2008 Mixcraft 4.1 b93

  • WaveRT for Vista service pack 1 update.
  • Fixed crash for freezing MIDI tracks.
  • Added a close button and made the icon on the instrument dialog to be less confusing.
  • Help file spelling errors
  • Drag and drop enhancements
  • Visual glitch fix 'semitones' on sound details
  • Visual state of selected midi clip now is easy to understand.
  • autoscroll to selected track or clip in some cases
  • Ensured audio details play button is not in weird state after hitting new.
  • VSTi preset bank loading crash was fixed. (CM101)
  • Can now configure Library path. Can be a UNC filepath, if desired.
  • Installer asks for a loop library path.
  • New sound effects and ambiences.
  • Installer has a new unattended mode for large net installs/multi-license installs.

04/01/2008 Mixcraft 4.1 b91

  • Added right click controller editing ability. Right click on the controller area to add, edit or delete controllers, including the ability to delete all controllers.
  • Added ability to load VST preset banks for VSTs and VSTis.
  • Single click in controller area will add a single controller. Useful for program changes, etc.
  • Updated help file
  • Enhancements/fixes for loading long files. We now properly handle files up to 6 hours and 45 minutes.
  • Proper sizing of VST effects that do not report correct size initially
  • Fix for crash when deleting mono input/stereo output VST plugins (rare)
  • VST effect tails must be silent for 2 seconds before we determine the tail has ended
  • Optimized the Edit Marker dialog when changing tempo
  • Fixed & optimized level meters, now faster and less CPU and no drawing glitches
  • Fixed bug that allowed you to disarm a MIDI track via right click during recording
  • Fixed serious bug with arming ASIO tracks during playback that would throw off project sync
  • Fix for filter pop/clicks on MIDI tracks
  • Fixed undo/redo arming tracks when not in Wave mode.
  • Fix for MIDI track slider undo when track is armed
  • Fix for sustain pedal reset with some virtual instruments (i.e. Arturia Prophet VS)
  • Changed to metronome volume/sounds preferences no longer requires a restart
  • Fixed weird Instrument Preset whose volume was way too loud and caused clipping with any effects

02/20/2008 Mixcraft 4.1 b8

  • Added: WaveRT recording level sliders!
  • Fix: WaveRT fix for closing WaveRT driver
  • Added New preference for thread priority courtesy for Doug
  • Fix: Loading MIDI files time signature issue
  • Fix: Low passin' MIDI filter pop
  • Fix: Solo track stuck note issue
  • Fix: Loop flag now drags
  • Fix: Resizing works
  • Fix: Uninstalling Mixcraft 3 now does not affect Mixcraft library
  • Fix: Backup files are created if save is not successful.
  • Fix: Now works with JamStix 2 properly

02/14/2008 Mixcraft 4.1 b88

  • Major new version!
  • Added MIDI support
  • Added VSTi support, including 5 bundled VSTs with version 4
  • New support for Vista's WAVERT low latency audio.
  • Added piano roll editor to edit midi data
  • Mega preset builder allows you to create presets composed of multiple synthesizers and effects!
  • You can now access effects from each track header
  • Many fixes and upgrades.