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Mixcraft 5 Version History

02/09/2011 Mixcraft 5.2 b152

  • Restoring automation for VSTs and VSTis was not working in b151.
  • Duplicating a track was duplicating effects in their default state in b151

02/03/2011 Mixcraft 5.2 b151

  • Left trim was introducing error ever so slightly.
  • Now loading VSTs that do not have a main() and now load plugins that also have a VSTPluginMain()
  • Pressing stop at the end of low latency recording no longer pauses audio mixing, causing bad noises
  • Fixed mixed sample rate drifting over time
  • Added optimization for large amounts of minor automation changes
  • Fixed problem with audio suddenly not looping in loop playback mode
  • Fixed problem with bouncing tracks when one audio clip is entirely inside another audio clip
  • Previewed audio clips now play back at the correct project time
  • Frozen tracks no longer processing track automation
  • Fix for missing files in ZIP archive
  • Repaired saving & loading of audio files using relative file path
  • Fixed serious crash when automation pane referenced wrong effect index
  • Fix for sounds failing to change tempo properly when over-lapped
  • Fix for positioning caret with snap to measure set in some time signatures

08/18/2010 Mixcraft 5.1 b149

  • Fix for automation and Send and FX tracks.
  • Fix for different tempo midi clips and audio clips not previewing correctly in sound details tab in some cases.
  • Fix for loading bad / corrupt plugins -> now adds bad plugins to ignore lists automatically. Just run software until it stops crashing.
  • Fix for small audio clips at 120 bpm not remembering that they are tempo adjusted vs time stretched.
  • Fix for duplicate MIDI notes when using virtual instruments with effects with plug-in delay compensation.
  • Fix for inverting of track pan automation.
  • Double clicking track to select clips and then bouncing to new track was not creating new track, in some cases.
  • Mixing to new track was creating two undo nodes, when only one was required.

07/22/2010 Mixcraft 5.1 b147

  • Fix for saving frozen MIDI tracks as a MIDI file.
  • Minor fix for space bar not working when an automation track is selected.
  • Fix for video freeze if you played a video, closed the video preview window during playback, stopped playback and then reshowed the video playback window in a certain sequence.
  • Fix for duplicating tracks with a pan automation sequence.
  • Fix for Mixer buttons not setting proper eq on loading or undo/redo. This is an important bug fix.
  • Fix for problem with merging audio clips not obeying the tempo.
  • Fix for loop playback with noise reduction turned on a sound.
  • Fix for temp folder of drive that does not exist.
  • Increased max tempo to 360 bpm
  • Fix for being able to temporarily delete library sounds.
  • Loading a project virtual instrument track, unfreezing track, caused track to keep virtual instruments and effects muted.
  • Fix for MIDI clips with timestretching. Was not showing playback indicator at correct location in some cases.
  • Bullet proofing for missing plugins / interfaces.
  • Fix for slow CPU / XP freeze when rendering a small project on a slow computer.
  • Pultronic EQ fix . High frequency cut off value would change at different sample rates.
  • Messiah VSTi fix. Fix for distortion with certain arpegiatted patches. New interface/graphics.
  • Lower volume CD sounds.
  • Previewing sounds no longer applies automation.

05/17/2010 Mixcraft 5.1 b139

  • 14 new loop kits! Hip Hop Soul, West Coast Hip Hop, Top 40 R&B , Alternative Hip Hop, Hip Hop R&B , Urban R&B , Neo Soul , Gangster Rap , Hyphy , Alternative R&B , Glitch , Dubstep , Synth Hop , and Dancehall. ( around 350 new loops!)
  • New effect plug-ins! GSnap Vocal Correction / Auto tune and GTune Guitar Tuner.
  • Mouse wheel scrolling via Ctrl+mouse wheel or Shift + mouse wheel.
  • New CD burning engine
  • Fix for VB3 / 192 khz protection
  • Fixed a glitch switching from tempo A to tempo B on a clip, where if you went back to A, it was not showing the changes on the clip.
  • More than 8 CPU core crash fix.
  • Fix to support Sonoma7 VST issue
  • Fix for loading certain MIDI files from Reason (Unreasonable?)
  • Change the order of the VST initialization (VST fix)
  • Fix for guitar controller and midi data glitch.
  • Reverb cpu drain issue
  • Fix for freeze using external midi device
  • fixed drawing glitch
  • New normalization feature adjusts waveform view
  • video aspect ratio fix
  • noise reduction was not working on mix down if playback rate was different than mix down rate.
  • MIDI editing Piano Roll fix with undo/redo!
  • Minor help file fix
  • VST Plugin crash fix for the very last effect in your effect list.
  • Fix for library complaining about a missing data file.
  • Fix for replacing video files in a project with one of a different duration during the "Find Files" dialog.
  • Recording optimizations
  • Notation editing crash when moving a new note over an existing one.
  • Recording clip focus issue Was able to click buttons on clip while recording
  • Mono VST Plugin fix Tempo change
  • Fix for loading frozen tracks
  • Fix for static when clipping at 32 bit output.
  • Video fixes Aspect ratio problem Video's audio not importing in some cases.

02/17/2010 Mixcraft 5 b130

  • Video support
  • Notation
  • Noise Reduction per sound
  • Musical Typing Keyboard
  • Track FX and Instrument automation
  • Send busses/aux busses
  • Master track automation
  • New fresh graphics in the interface
  • Detachable Details pane
  • Record directly to OGG
  • New loop clip button
  • Link/unlink clip option
  • New VSTis, including Lounge Lizard, Messiah and Expanded Instruments, Alien 303 bass synth
  • Pulltronic Tube EQ
  • Shred Guitar Amp Simulator!
  • New combinations/patches