Mixcraft 8 Help Manual

Mixcraft 8 Help Manual
By Mitchell Sigman

Help Manual Book for Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio and Mixcraft 8 Recording Studio, multi-track music recording and production software for the PC. Written with creative wit, a unique sense of humor and comedic analogous rhetoric, if this Mixcraft 8 Help Book was not a manual, it might have landed on the New York Times best sellers list!

Warning! This is not your typical standard-format software manual documentation! Mitchell Sigman‘s writing style removes “boring” from the classic definition of a software manual without sacrificing important basic elements of instructional value. Easy reading for beginners to learn how to use Mixcraft 8, yet sophisticated enough to capture the imagination of the most advanced uses of Mixcraft 8.

Book Details

Copyright: Acoustica, Inc. (Standard Copyright License), Edition: Version 8, Publisher: Acoustica, Inc., Published: May 19, 2017, Language: English, Pages: 394, Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback, Interior Ink: Black & white, Weight: 2.52 lbs., Dimensions (inches): 8.5 wide x 11 tall