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 Mixcraft Upgrade Deal!
Upgrade to Mixcraft for only $24.95!If you've purchased MP3 Audio Mixer,  Mixcraft is yours for $24.95!  (50% off retail)

(Note: The recent June newsletter mentioned that the upgrade was $19.95 instead of the correct amount of $24.95.  We apologize for any inconvenience.)

 If you've purchased MP3 Audio Mixer or the Power Pack previously, you qualify for an upgrade discount to our hot new mixer called Mixcraft! 

Compare Audio Recording Software : Mixcraft vs MP3 Audio Mixer

 In order to get the link for the discounted version, you'll need to enter your serial code for MP3 Audio Mixer. 

Locate your registration code to MP3 Audio Mixer.  You may have purchased it from 'Esellerate', 'RegNow', 'Digibuy', 'RegSoft', or 'Paypal'.  Try searching your email for "acoustica" or one of the purchase sites previously mentioned.  If you still cannot locate your purchase email, try the lost codes page. Please keep in mind that this requires an actual human to scan through the registrations and it could take awhile depending on demand.  (We have almost 1/4 of million customers.)

Your Serial/Registration Code:
 (This is the registration code you received in your purchase email.  Do not confuse it with your order number!)


<% if codeAccepted = 1 then cookService = Request.Cookies("product16")("service") cookAffiliate= Request.Cookies("product16")("affiliate") tracking = Request.Cookies("product16")("tracking") Dim buyURL buyURL = "https://secure.esellerate.net/secure/prefill.aspx?s=STR5543411856&_CartItem0.SkuRefNum=SKU9820713189&Options=PREVALIDATECOUPON&page=OnePageCart.htm" if cookAffiliate <> "" AND cookService = "esell" then buyURL = "https://secure.esellerate.net/secure/prefill.aspx?s=STR5543411856&_CartItem0.SkuRefNum=SKU9820713189&Options=PREVALIDATECOUPON&page=OnePageCart.htm&AffIDC=" & cookAffiliate ' buyURL = "http://store.eSellerate.net/s.asp?s=STR5543411856&Cmd=BUY&SKURefnum=SKU9820713189&AffIDC=" & cookAffiliate end if if tracking <> "" then tracking = "MIX-GRADE" end if buyURL = buyURL & "&PT=" & cookTracking & "&_Shopper.CouponName=CPN8650733879" %> Congratulations!  Your serial code has been accepted!

Get your copy of Mixcraft for only $24.95! 
(50% off retail!)

(Important, please note: On the first page, it will still show $39.95.  The second page will show the coupon ID CPN8650733879 .  The 3rd page will show the discounted price of $24.95!)

<% else %> Sorry! 

That serial code was not valid!
Please check the code and try again.

Get your copy of Mixcraft for $34.95. <% end if %>

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