Aligning Clips

Aligning Clips

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If you want to tempo sync your images or videos or simply make a photo slide show, you can align the images to specific time offsets and overlaps.


Click the "Video" menu > "Align Clips..." which brings up one of the following dialogs depending on whether you are in Time or Beats mode on the time line.

Time Mode

Beats Mode

Align clips dialog

Align Clips


Choose a duration, start time and overlap time for each clip.  If you have a selection you can choose "Selected Clips Only" and only the selected clips will be adjusted.


Video Clips

If you have video clips in your project, their length will not be changed by default.  In order to crop the right hand side of video clips, make sure to check the "Adjust Video Clip Lengths".


Syncing To The Beat

If you wish to sync images and videos to the beat, make sure to click Beats mode to the left of the timeline and then click "Video" menu > "Align Clips..." Set the duration to one beat.  Set the overlap to zero and the start time to measure 1, beat 1 with 0 fractional beats.  This will place one image on every beat.  If you want them to cross-fade, add a little overlap!


Fitting To Audio Length

If you have a bunch of audio, such as a song or several songs and you wish to fit the images to span the length of the audio, click the "Fit to Audio Length".  This will disable the duration field and will re-size and align the clips to make a slide show of all the images spaced over the duration of the audio in Mixcraft.


Fitting to audio length


If this option is selected, you can choose to leave some space at the end of the slide show.  This is done by setting the "Blank Area at End" amount.  This will leave some room at the end of slide show for credits or end titles, if desired.