Automating With A MIDI Controller

Automating With A MIDI Controller

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You can set up any MIDI controller or keyboard to control any effect parameter or virtual instrument parameter.


MIDI keyboard with knobs and controls


Each MIDI keyboard or controller is different.  The basic idea is that you are mapping a button, knob or slider to a specific parameter.  This allows you to have a whole new level of expressiveness with your virtual instruments, effects and synthesizers.


hmtoggle_arrow1 How To Bring Up The Automation Mapping Dialog


To automate an effect or virtual instrument parameter, do one of the following:


1.Click the effect automation button on an effect window.
Clicking the effect automation parameter button

2.Click the MIDI Controller... menu item on the automation menu.  Each effect and instrument will have this option on the top of its menu.
MIDI Controller mapping menu


This brings up the following dialog:




hmtoggle_arrow1 How To Map A Knob or Slider To An Effect


In order to control various parameters of an effect, there are several ways to do it.  Each knob or slider on a MIDI keyboard generates a MIDI CC message.


1.Click the "MIDI Learn" button

2.Click on the parameter you wish to automate.  (We clicked on Feedback.)

3.Now go to your MIDI controller/keyboard and wiggle the knob or slider.

4.The CC controller number should appear in the CC column.

5.To automate another parameter, click on another parameter.

6.Click Stop Learning when you are done.


Learning the Feedback parameter


Alternatively, if you know the CC #, you can simply manually select it from the drop down list.



If you have a control and you want to reverse the direction it maps to, click the "Reverse" check box.


Reset All

This button clears your current mapping.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Loading And Saving Effect Mappings


Click "Save" or "Save As..." to save your mapping.  Recall it at any time from the Presets.  If you wish to get rid of mapping, select it and then click "Delete".