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There are two types of sounds:

Audio clips

Virtual Instrument (MIDI) clips

Audio clip

Virtual Instrument (MIDI) clip

Clip tempo and key can be manipulated in the following ways.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Tempo/Time Adjustments


Time travel may not be possible yet, but you can change the speed of a sound without changing its pitch.  :)  In the past, changing the speed or playback rate of a sound resulted in changing the pitch, also known as the dreaded "chipmunk" effect.


Tempo or Time Stretch Mode


A sound can be in two modes.


Adjust To Project Tempo

Time Stretch By


Adjust To Project Tempo

If the sound is in "Adjust To Project Tempo" mode, Mixcraft will adjust the sound based on the difference between the project's tempo and the sound's detected tempo.  For example, if the project tempo was 120 bpm and the sound's detected tempo was 60 bpm, it would time stretch the sound to be half as long, because it would be playing the sound back two times as fast.


However, you can have more than one tempo change in a project.  For example, in a transition between two songs, you could slowly ramp the tempo up with multiple tempo changes..  In this mode, the sound keeps perfect synchronization and adjusts the playback rate based on the latest tempo change.


The main thing about this mode is that you can mix and match loops of various tempos and it will always line up.  A measure is a measure, regardless of tempo.


Time Stretch By

In this mode, the sound is simply time stretched by a fixed amount.  The sound will not adjust to the project tempo.


Learn more about tempo and time stretching.


hmtoggle_arrow1 FlexAudio™ time stretching


While holding the CTRL key down, click on the left or right edge and drag to visually time stretch it.


Flex Audio


You will know that you are in FlexAudio™ mode if the cursor turns into the FlexAudio™ cursor cursor-flexaudio.


Learn more about FlexAudio™ here.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Key / Pitch Adjustments




A sound can be pitch shifted like a chipmunk or made to sound like it is super low.  More musical sounds can be in one key and automatically mapped to the project's key.


Learn more about key and pitch in the Key/Pitch section.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Muting


You can mute a sound so that it is inaudible.  The reason you might do this is to keep a sound in the project without having to listen to it.  A muted sound will appear light gray.


To mute a sound, select it and then click on the "Sound" menu > "Properties" > "Mute"


If a clip is on a track with multiple lanes, a convenient mute/unmute button will be available as well.


Clip Mute button