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To merge two or more audio or virtual instrument clips on the same track, select the clips and then click the "Sound" menu followed by clicking "Merge To New Clip".


Before a merge


Before merge


After the merge


After merge


hmtoggle_arrow1 Reasons why you might want to merge clips


You have multiple virtual instrument clips on one track and want to print out the sheet music for the entire track.  The notation view works on one clip at a time.  Merging the clips together would allow you to edit it as one giant clip.

You have multiple audio clips one track recorded with the same noisy air conditioner in the background and you want to remove the noise in one command.  Merging the clips together allows you to remove the noise one time.

You have hundreds of clips and your workspace is getting confusing and slow.  Merging the clips to one sound will cut down on resources, speed up your mix by cutting down on CPU and de-clutter the interface, as well.

You just like using the Merge function and you are a merge freak?  (Sorry, we had to inject some humor into this help file...and congratulations if you are still reading this!)