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The Note Durations dialog allows you to adjust all the notes or the selected notes durations.


Right click on a MIDI clip or MIDI data in the Piano Roll and select "MIDI Editing" followed by "Durations..."  This brings up the Note Duration  window.




hmtoggle_arrow1 Adjust By


Adjust the notes durations by a percentage.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Force To


Force the notes to a specific note duration.


Choose from:


Whole notes

1/2 notes

1/4 notes

1/8 notes

1/16 notes

1/32 notes

1/64 notes

1/4 triplet notes

1/8 triplet notes

1/16 triplet notes


hmtoggle_arrow1 All or Selection


Choose whether to adjust the selected notes or all the notes in the current virtual instrument clip.


(This is only an option if the dialog was invoked on the piano roll editor.)