Automating Effect Parameters

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Each effect has parameters or values that can be automated or changed over time.


Automating the Flanger Feedback parameter


hmtoggle_arrow1 Adding Effect Automation


You can adjust the automation for any effect parameter.  For example, you can change the amount of flanger over time.  To do this, add the "Acoustica Flanger" effect to a track.


Then click the track header's "Toggle Automation" button  to show the automation lane.


Automation button


Choose the effect parameter you'd like to automate.  In this case, we choose 'Feedback'


Automate Flanger Feedback parameter


After that, we can draw in automation points to change the feedback over time.


Automating the Flanger Feedback parameter


hmtoggle_arrow1 Recording Automation


You can record automation for effects or virtual instruments by setting up your MIDI device to control a parameter.  Once a MIDI knob or slider on your MIDI device has been mapped to a parameter, you can record it.  You can even record multiple effect parameters at the same time.


After recording, you can view the automation you recorded. Learn more on how to set automation up with a MIDI device in the next section.


Tip: When recording automation, you may need to manually add a starting automation point.  This is important because if the ending automation point is different than the starting automation point it could result in a different sound every time you play.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Automating Effects On Non-Clip tracks


Non clip tracks do not have an automation toggle button.  The automation lane is always visible.  Simply click the automation drop down to choose an effect parameter to automate.


You can automate effects on the following tracks:






Instrument Mix Output