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Effects let you alter the audio signal.  Add reverb, delay, flanger, vocal processing any many others.  Effects are added on tracks by clicking the "fx" button on any track.


Click the fx button. Effects button


This brings up an effect window for the track.


Effect List window


hmtoggle_arrow1 Adding Effects


To add an effect, click the drop down labeled "<Select An Effect>" and choose an effect.


Select an effect

If you want to add effects to a track, you can click the "fx" button on the track to bring up its effect chain.  To edit the master track effects, click the "Effects" button on the toolbar.


Choose a preset or fine tune each effect.  Add multiple effects in this manner.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Effect Chains


You can load or save combinations of effects at different settings or use some of your default effect chains by clicking the "Effect Chains" drop down and choosing an item.


Effect list dropdown




Save Preset button

Save your custom effect chain

New Preset button

Create a new / blank effect chain

Delete Preset

Delete the effect chain


hmtoggle_arrow1 Reordering and Deleting Effects


Select an effect to delete or reorder.  The order of the effects is important.  Click on an effect to select it.


A selected effect in the list


After selecting an effect, click one of the buttons to move or delete it.




Move Effect Up

Moves the selected effect up one in the list.

Move Effect Down

Moves the selected effect down one in the list.

Delete selected effect

Deletes the selected effect.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Effect Presets


After adding an effect, you can choose a preset under the Preset column.  The number of presets and preset types will depend on the effect.


Choose Effect Preset


You can create your own preset, for any type of effect by clicking the Edit button, changing the effect settings to your liking and then saving the preset.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Deactivating Effects


You can deactivate an effect by unchecking the check box to the left of the effect.


Muting An Effect


This allows you to audition how things sound without that particular effect without losing the settings.


Note: When a track is frozen, its effects will not be editable until the track is unfrozen.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Editing Effects


Each effect has properties that can be changed.  Click the "Edit" button to edit all parameters or values for an effect.


Effect Edit button


For example, an EQ effect will usually have sliders that allow you to adjust the attenuation of different frequencies to add more bass or reduce the treble.  Each effect has its own interface.


Acoustica EQ


Each effect interface will have the same controls on the top of the effect window which allow you to choose a new preset, save a preset or delete a preset.


Preset Drop Down

Choose a preset.  If the preset is factory default, it may have "[Sys]" at the start of the preset name.


Choose Preset




Active / Mute checkbox

Makes the effect active or inactive.

Automation button

Brings up the automation mapping window.

Save Preset button

Saves a preset

Delete selected effect

Deletes the selected effect.

Load Preset File

Load VST Preset File (VSTi's only)

Some VST effect and instrument manufacturers will distribute additional banks of sounds, in the form of .fxb files.  These files replace your current presets with a new set of presets, given your effect or instrument a whole new range of sounds.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Master Effects


To edit the master track effects, click the Effects button on the track header header.





Alternately, you can show the Master track and click it's "fx" button.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Re-size Effect List Window


You can re-size the effect list window if it is not large enough to view all your effects, etc.  Simply left click on the bottom right side of the window and drag.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Quick Show/Hide Effects


Show All Effect On Track -  Right click on the "fx" button


Hide All Effects On Track -  CTRL + right click on the "fx" button


hmtoggle_arrow1 Adding Your Own Effects


If you have your own VST effect and it is not showing up on the drop down, you'll need to add the folder that stores the VST effect.


In Mixcraft, this is done in the Plug-Ins Preferences by clicking the "Edit VST/VSTi Folders" buttons.


VST Plugin Folder window


Add the folder that contains the effect by clicking the "Add..." button.