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Auto-Scroll During Playback

This option causes the software to automatically scroll the Sound Workspace to follow playback indicator.


Keep The Playback Indicator Centered

If Auto-Scroll During Playback is checked, this extra option causes the playback indicator to be centered during playback.  This will auto-scroll the project instead of moving the playback indicator.  (A nice visual treat for those that like to watch their tracks scroll by.  Wow, did you really read the help file? Nice job.)


Set Playback Indicator When Clicking Inside Sound Workspace

When clicking in the Sound Workspace, this option will set the Playback Indicator at the click location.  It will also restart playback from this location if the project is playing back.


Auto-Rewind To Start position When Playback/Recording Ends

After recording or playing, the playback indicator will rewind to where it started to record or play.


Make Clips "Sticky" So That They Are Harder To Move

This helps to maintain the exact offset of notes or clips when dragging up or down.  For example, if you are zoomed way out and move a clip to a different track, it may change the time offset ever so slightly, thus, causing the sound to go out of sync.


Zoom To Mouse Location Instead Of Caret Location

This will cause zooming to work based off where the mouse is at the time of zooming.