Loop Mode & Punch In/Out

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You can set up Mixcraft to play or record in loop mode.  Punch In/Out lets you record at a specific time section.  These modes can work together or separately.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Loop Mode


In some cases, you might want to repeat playback of a section of audio.  For example, if you are practicing a part before recording or adjusting effects on a section, you might want to continuously play a selected section of audio.


To loop a section of the project, click the "Loop Mode" button.


Loop Mode button


Adjust the "Loop Start" and "Loop End" handles to change the active loop.


Loop Start Loop End


The loop area will be highlighted and the non-loop area will be shaded.


Loop Section


Alternatively, you can select the "Mix" menu and select "Loop Mode".   Note that new lanes will be created if recording in loop mode.


Tip: To quickly set the loop area, create a selection and "Toggle Loop Mode".  Use snap to set very precise start and end points.


Toggle Loop Mode



hmtoggle_arrow1 Punch In/Out


Use Punch In/Out to create a very precise and surgical recording at specific time section.


To mark a section as a punch in/out area, click the "Punch In/Out" button.


Punch In/Out button


Adjust the "Punch In" handle and "Punch Out" handle to set the section that you'd like to record in.


Punch In/Out Recording


Click the "Record" button to record.  Newly recorded clips will only be recorded in the punch in/out section.



Tip: To quickly set the punch in/out area, create a selection and toggle "Punch In/Out".  Use snap to set very precise punch in and punch out points.