Loop Library

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The loop library contains a number of song kits and sound effects for royalty free use within your own projects!  Feel free to mix them, loop them and edit them to your heart's content.


Loop Library tab


hmtoggle_arrow1 Sounds


After choosing a category, you will see the sounds that fit into the chosen criteria.   If you select the "All" category, then all sounds in the currently selected library will be displayed.


Audition sounds

Click the green "Play" button next to a sound to audition it.  If you are playing back your project, the software will automatically beat match the auditioning library sound to the current tempo.


Adding sounds

Add the last selected sound by clicking the blue plus "Add Sound" button or drag the sound onto an audio track.


CTRL key - hold down the CTRL key to select specific sounds

SHIFT key - hold down the SHIFT key to select all sounds from the previous selection to the recently clicked sound.


Select All Sounds In View



hmtoggle_arrow1 Library


You can choose a specific library or "All".  If "All" is selected, sounds from all loaded libraries are chosen, including any imported libraries.


There are two built in libraries:



Sound Effects


If you are just interested in sound effects, you can choose the Sound Effects library.  From there, you can choose a category to sort by.  Any searching will be based on the selected library and category.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Sort By


On the Loop Library page, click the "Sort By" drop down to select a new category.  This allows you to view the library in a variety of categories.  Choose from the following:


Tempo Range



Style or Genre



Song Kit (Default)


Imported Date


You'll find a list of category ranges below the "Sort By" drop down control.  Click on an item to populate the current library sounds.  For example, in the "Song Kit" category you will find the following items: 12-8 Blues, Acid Techno, BDiddley, Blues Shuffle, Country Rock, Country Shuffle, Disco, Dub, Electro Groove, Funk Rock, Hip Hop, Music Beds, Power Ballad, Punk, Reggae One Drop, Sludge Metal, Sound Effects, and Speed Metal just to name a few.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Searching


This allows you to quickly locate a specific sound in the currently selected category and library.  You can search on multiple terms and exclude certain words. Search terms show up in yellow.


For example, you can search on 'Drums" and if that brings up too much, you might change your search to "Drums Snare"


If you didn't want to see a specific type of drum, you can add the exclusion - sign.  "Drums -Snare" would show all drum sounds without the word "Snare" in it.


To delete/erase the current search term, either remove it or click the [x] button next to the "Search" box.


After a search is performed, Mixcraft will display how many items matched the search query.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Sorting & Columns


You can sort sounds by clicking on any column header.  To sort the column in descending order, click the column again.


The following columns are available:




Is Loop?






Song Kit




Imported Date


File Source

File Location


Sound ID


If you want to change which columns are visible, right click on a column header or right click on the sound view, choose "Show Columns" and check or uncheck the columns you desire.


Each column has two black separator bars and if you move the mouse over the black separator bar, it will turn into a left-right re-size cursor which allows you to re-size the column.  Double clicking the black separator bar re-sizes the column to fit the largest text in the column.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Downloading Sounds


One of the neat features of Mixcraft is that all the loop library sounds are downloaded on demand from our servers.  If you click the play icon or add icon and the sound does not yet exist on your computer, the software will download it from the Internet.  (Of course, to receive any new sounds, you'll need to be connected online.)


If a sound in the library is not on your computer's hard drive and you request the sound, either by playback or by trying to add it to the project, the software will download it from our servers.


If you are having download problems, try switching your default download server in the preferences.


To download more than one sound at a time, right click on the library and choose "Download All In View".  This will download all sounds in the current view.  To cancel all downloads, right click and select "Cancel Downloads".


hmtoggle_arrow1 Open Containing Folder


If you want to get access to the sound on the hard drive, simply right click on the sound and choose "Open Containing Folder".  Now you have access to the physical location of the audio file and may do what you want with it.