Automatic Marker Wizard

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The track marker wizard is a handy way to add multiple track markers at a time.  You can either choose to add markers at specific intervals, or you can add markers based on the silence in a sound.  It will even remove the silence!  This can be very handy if recording albums from the Internet, LPs or cassettes and need a quick way to break up the tracks!


Access this feature by clicking the Mix menu > Markers > Automatic Marker Wizard



Choose "At Intervals Of" to set markers at an equal spacing for a period of time.


Based On Silence Of Sound

Choose "Based On Silence Of Sound" to create markers based on the gaps of audio in a recording.


Select the sound to create markers based on from the drop down.  Each new marker will be created based on a detected threshold of silence (The default "Silence" is 7% of Full Volume).  In order to create a track marker, there must be a minimum number of minutes before considering a new track marker (The default is one minute).  Click "Remove And Trim Silence" to make sure that it removes silence and splits the recording into multiple clips.  Choose "Fade Edges By" to set the number of seconds to fade the start and end of the clips by.


CD Track Markers

Choose "CD Track Markers" to make each new track created also be a CD track marker for burning to a CD.