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New Project (CTRL+N)

Creates a new project and shows the New Project Dialog.


Open Project... (CTRL+O)

Opens or loads an existing project or template.


Save (CTRL+S)

Saves your current project.


Save As...

Saves your current project or mixes down to audio file depending on the "Save as type" format selection.


Copy Project Files To...

Copies Project Files to a folder or a new ZIP file.  This is useful for backing up your projects (i.e. to CD), for easily reorganizing your project files, or for collaborating with others.  For example, you can quickly zip up your project, including all included loops, videos and recorded sounds, and e-mail it to another person.


Mix Down To

This menu has six formats in which you can mix down to.  Choosing one of the mix down options for audio (WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA) or for video (AVI and WMV) will bring up the "Save As" dialog with the chosen mix down format.


Save As MIDI File...

Saves your Virtual Instrument Tracks as a MIDI file.


Burn CD... (CTRL+B)

Burn an audio CD compatible in any standard audio CD player.


Label CD...

This will launch the optional Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker so that you can print a CD label, etch a LightScribe disc or print on a direct-to-CD printer.


Print... (CTRL+P)

Prints the notation display, if currently selected.



Bring up the Preference Dialog.


Recent Projects

This is a list of the last ten projects that you have loaded or saved.  It is a convenient way to load a previous project.  Select one of the recent projects on the pop up menu to load it.



This will close down the software.  Before exiting, it will ask you if you want to save any unsaved changes .