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Play / Stop Playback ([Space Bar])

This starts and stops playback of the project from the Playback Indicator position.


Play From

This shows a pop up menu with an item for each marker in the project.  It is a convenient way to start playback from any marker in the project.


Rewind To Start ([Home])

This sets the Playback Indicator to the beginning or start of the project.  If the project is playing audio, it will restart playback from the start, as well.


Fast Forward To End ([End])

This sets the Playback Indicator to the end of the project.  If the project is playing audio, it will stop the playback.


Record (CTRL+R)

This starts recording on any armed tracks and is the same as pushing the record button on the transport.


Set Master Volume

Set the exact master volume or choose from 20% to 200%.


MIDI Reset!

This will send a panic message to all virtual synthesizers and external synthesizers which instructs them to stop playing any 'stuck' notes.


Control Surfaces...

Control playback, recording and other transport functions from a MIDI controller or device.  Learn more in the Transport section.


Edit Master Effects

This pops up the master effects window.


Add Tempo / Key Change

This adds a marker at the current Playback Indicator position and lets you edit it, including setting a tempo or key change.



This pops up a sub menu allowing you to add, delete, or edit markers.


Automatically Beat Match New Sounds

This toggles "Auto Beat Match" mode.  Has the same action as pushing the "Auto Beat Match" button on the Project tab.


Transpose Key Changes

This pops up a sub menu with "Up" or "Down" and will adjust any key change markers, including the project key marker up one key or down one key.  For example, if you had the key changes C, F and D and transposed them up, it would turn them into the keys of D, G and E.


Metronome And Count-In settings

Select this to change the metronome settings.


Loop Playback Mode (CTRL+SHIFT+8)

Loop playback of a selection or the entire project so that you can play along with it or edit effects.


Use Recording Timer

Set a recording timer which allows you to automatically end a recording.