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Video Menu

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Add A Video File...

Choose this to add a video file to the project. See more on video...


Add Still Images...

Add images, photos, JPG, BMP, PNG to the video track.


Add Text...

Adds text to the project.  Brings up the text editor.


Add Scrolling Text...

Adds scrolling text to the project.  Brings up the scrolling text editor.


Align Clips...

Align image and video clips for doing slide shows or aligning them to the beat.


Set Non-Clip Background Color...

Choose the color of the background when there aren't any video or image clips.


Show/Hide Video Window

This will show or hide the video playback window.


Set Preview Window Size

Choose from standard video sizes for the Video Window.



The link sub menu allows you to link or unlink clips together. When clips are linked, they move together when dragging.  Each linked clip retains its relative offset to the other clips.  The sub menu link options are:


Link Selected Clips

Unlink Selected Clips


If a clip is linked, it will have a link button on its title bar: Unlink button

Click it to easily unlink a linked clip.