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The metronome helps to keep time and will play a sound on each measure and beat.  The easiest way to toggle the state of the metronome is to click the "Metronome" button.




This brings up a dialog with the various metronomes.


Metronome Settings


Playback Metronome

If checked, the metronome will sound during playback.


Toggle Playback Metronome



Recording Metronome

If checked, the metronome will sound during recording.


Toggle Recording Metronome



Recording Count-In Measures

When Count-In is activated and the "Record" button is pressed, Mixcraft will "pre-roll" or play the audio for the selected number of measures prior to starting recording.  For example, if your Recording Count-In is configured to count in for two measures, Mixcraft will play two measures worth of the metronome sound, as well as two measures worth of the project's audio, before recording begins.



You can customize the metronome's sounds and volume level by going into the "Preferences" and choosing the "Metronome" page.


Play Every X Beats

By editing a marker, you can also instruct the metronome to play every Nth beat (it defaults to playing every beat).