Mix To New Track / Duplicate / Freeze 

Mix To New Track / Duplicate / Freeze

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You can duplicate or copy tracks by freezing or bouncing them.  This has the advantage of freeing up CPU resources.


Change the appearance of your tracks


hmtoggle_arrow1 Mix To New Audio Track


Audio tracks and Virtual Instrument tracks can be mixed to a new audio track.


This is typically called "bouncing".  All audio and/or MIDI, effects and everything is mixed to a single audio file and placed on a new track.  This can be very handy for situations where the CPU and/or hard drive is causing audio to gap or perform poorly.


The original track is muted.


To mix down to a new audio track, choose "Track" menu > "Mix To New Audio Track" or right click on a track header and choose "Mix To New Audio Track".


hmtoggle_arrow1 Duplicate Track


You can duplicate or copy all settings and sounds on a track.  Choose "Duplicate Track" from the "Track" menu or right click on a track and select "Duplicate Track".


Choose "Track" menu > "Duplicate Track"


hmtoggle_arrow1 Freeze Track


If your computer is slow or audio is starting to gap or stutter because of a lot of effects or time stretching, you can freeze a track to reduce the amount of processing the track needs.  After freezing a track, the software uses a temporary WAV file that includes all effects and audio.


You cannot edit the effects or sounds on a track until you Unfreeze the track. ( Dragging a new sound on to a track will unfreeze a track ).


To freeze, right click on a track you'd like to freeze and choose "Freeze Track".


Freeze Track



Alternatively, choose "Track" menu > "Freeze Track".