Mixcraft Pro Studio

Mixcraft Pro Studio

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Mixcraft Pro Studio 6  gives professional audio engineers the tools they need to mix and master commercial-quality music with ease.  Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 expands Mixcraft 6's already-powerful toolset to include high-end synthesizers modeled after the legendary Yamaha CS80™ and Moog Memorymoog™ synthesizers, our Pianissimo grand piano (sampled from a Steinway™ Model D), powerful mastering effects including iZotope's Mastering Essentials, and a fantastic collection of audio effects ranging from bit-crushing to parametric EQ to our new Acoustica Pro Studio reverb.

[ Note: Mixcraft Pro Studio effects and instruments must be installed separately. ]

Mixcraft Pro Studio 6 Box

Mixcraft Pro Studio comes with a ton of mastering effects easily worth their weight in 0's and 1's. :)