Get the best sound out of your recordings with the virtual Mixer.


Mixer tab


This is an alternative way to mix your project that looks like the familiar analog mixer in a typical studio.  Each track is represented by a vertical panel containing a volume slider, pan control, EQ (low, mid, high), FX button and optional Send knob and Instrument button.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Show/Hide Tracks


You can check or un-check tracks under the "Show Tracks" section on the left side of the Mixer.


Show / Hide tracks from the Mixer tab


This allows you to simplify your view and only see the tracks that you are currently mixing.  Click the "Check All" button to see all tracks in the project.  Click the "Check None" button to hide everything except the main mix.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Send Channel Selector


Located on the left hand side of the Mixer, the "Send Channel" selector lets you choose the active send channel on the Mixer.


Send selector drop down


Twiddle and adjust the Send knobs on each track.


(Only one send channel can be edited at a time.)


hmtoggle_arrow1 Buttons, Sliders And Knobs, Oh My!


Get all twiddly and move your knobs to make some sweet music.  We write the software...you make the music.




Output control

The output selector lets you route the output of your track to either the Main Mix, a Submix Track, or an Output Track.  It will only appear if you create a Submix Track or an Output Track in your project.

On Output Tracks, the Output selector will instead let you select a specific audio device and channel to route your audio to.

Send knob

Adjust the amount of send going to the selected Send Channel/Track.  ( Use the "Send Channel" selector on the far left of the mixer to choose which Send Track you are adjusting. )

Effects button

Bring up the Effect dialog for each track.  If the track has effects on it, it will appear green.  Hovering the mouse over the "FX" button will show the currently loaded effects.

Instrument button

Change the virtual instruments. ( Virtual Instrument tracks only )

Arm button

Arm the track for recording

Solo button

Solos the audio on this track.  (Mutes other non-soloed tracks.)

Mute button

Mutes the audio on this track.

Recording Input control

Audio tracks and Virtual Instrument tracks have an Input selector.  On an audio track, this lets you select the audio source device (i.e. USB microphone, Line Input, etc.), as well as the input channel or channels.  On a Virtual Instrument track, this lets you select between all MIDI devices and a specific MIDI device, and it also lets you limit the input to a specific MIDI channel, if desired.


Each track has built-in equalization (EQ) knobs (Hi, Mid and Lo).  To change the EQ, click a knob and move the mouse up or down.

Pan slider

Change the left and right balance of the track.

Volume slider

Change the volume of the track.


Tip: Double click on any knob to center it or put it back to its default!


hmtoggle_arrow1 Inputs (Recording)


This is only for audio and Virtual Instrument (MIDI) tracks.  Choose the recording source.


Recording Input


hmtoggle_arrow1 Outputs


You can output a track to three different types of tracks:






If a track, other than the Master track is available, the "Output" selector will appear for each track.


Output selector


The default is the "Main Mix" which is the Master track.