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You can move clips to different time offsets.


Audio clip


hmtoggle_arrow1 Moving


To move a clip, select its title bar and drag while holding down the mouse button..


Selecting a clip


(The title bar is the top area of the clip where the name is displayed.)



Before moving a clip



After moving a clip


You can also move a clip by using the keyboard.  The clip(s) will move based on the snap settings. Learn more about keyboard control in the Keyboard Control section.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Linking


You can link several clips together so that when you drag them, they move in unison.  This can be useful for video clips and their associated audio clips.


When a clip is linked, it will have an extra button on it to make it easy to unlink.


Unlink button


To link two clips together, select the clips and then click the "Edit" menu, followed by clicking "Link", followed by clicking "Link Selected Clips".  The clips will now move together relative to each other's start.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Locking


Currently this only applies to sounds.  Lock a sound so that it cannot be moved or re-sized.  You can still edit the sound's envelopes, though.


To lock a sound, select it and then click on "Sound" menu > "Properties" > "Lock"


Alternatively, you can select the Sound tab and click the "Lock" button.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Deleting


Select a clip or group of clips and then select "Delete" from the "Edit" menu.


Alternatively, you can push the "Delete" key on your keyboard to delete them.


Deleting Parts Of Clips

If you select part of a clip, it will only delete the selected part. For example, if you have recorded a singer and there is an extra audible breath, just select the unwanted area and delete it.