CD Burning

CD Burning

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Burning Engine

Choose between Primo,  Goldenhawk or IMAPI.


Primo is the default and recommended CD burning engine.  It will burn audio CDs without gaps between tracks, as well as CD-Text.


If supported, our alternate CD burning engine called Goldenhawk will be able to burn audio CDs without any gaps between CD tracks, as well.


IMAPI is Windows default way to burn audio CDs.  The draw back is that if you are burning more than one track, it inserts a two second gap between tracks and it automatically converts to wav before burning.


Goldenhawk Drive Override...

This allows you to attempt to use a generic driver or a driver of a similar CD recorded model if your CD writer is not supported.  (This is only available when Goldenhawk is chosen.)


Use Acoustica ASPI Layer

Toggling this option may help the software recognize or 'see' the CD writer while in Goldenhawk mode.  (This is only available when Goldenhawk is chosen.)