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Draw audio and MIDI data on clips

Determines whether or not the audio and MIDI data is displayed on the clips.  Turning this off could speed up your computer.


Draw note text on piano roll notes

Displays the text note on a note for easier recognition.  For example, if the note is an A, it will display an "A" on it.


Change note color for playing notes

This option makes it easier to see what notes are currently audibly playing.


Enable logging for troubleshooting

Logging can slow down some computers.  However, this option should be left on for support troubleshooting.


Limit drawing during playback

Allows you to set the maximum frame rate in order to control CPU usage.  By default, the screen will not draw more than 30 frames/second.


Display Volume As:

Choose between Decibels or Percentage.  This will affect the track volume sliders and editing volume envelope points on the sound.


Default Track Color

Choose a default track color.  (The default is green.)