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Choose a language to view Mixcraft in.  This requires you to restart Mixcraft.


Play Exported Files After They're Created

After you mix down to an audio file, this option will launch the associated player to play it.


Ask Me Periodically To Check For New Software Updates

Allows software to check for new versions.


Temporary Files Directory

Choose a directory to store any temporary files used by Mixcraft, such as peak data, beat map data and other data to make the software run smoother.  Click "Browse..." to choose a new directory.


Delete Temporary Files

This will delete all temporary files and folders under the "Temporary Files Directory" listed above.  This includes all .tmp, .isk, .beatmap .isk, and .ipk files used in Mixcraft.


External Wave Editor

Choose an external wave editor to be used with the "Edit In External Editor" feature.  Click "Browse..." to locate the executable file (.exe) that runs the external audio editor.