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Load DirectX Effects

This option will cause the software to load DirectX effects upon start up.


Load VST Effects And Instruments (VST/VSTi)

This option will cause the software to load VST effects and virtual instruments upon start up.


Edit VST/VSTi Folders

Click this button to add, edit or delete folders that the software will scan for VST plug-ins.


VST Plugin Folder window


Re-Scan All VST Plug-Ins

Scans your VST folders for new plug-ins.


Automatically add all instrument output tracks for virtual Instruments

This will add a child output channel track for each output channel in the VSTi.  This is only important for instrument plug-ins that support multiple output channels.  If this is off and the instrument has multiple output channels, this will create a single output track for the instrument.


Enable ReWire Hosting

Toggle this option to enable or disable ReWire hosting.  You will need to restart Mixcraft for the settings to take effect.