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Default Project Folder

The default project folder is where recordings and other important files are placed.  Click "Browse..." to choose a new default project folder.


Delete Unused Recordings During Save Or On Exit

If this option is checked, Mixcraft will delete any recordings made that are not currently on any tracks during a project save or when the software is exited.  If you've noticed that your recordings are disappearing from your recording folder, it may be because they were not part of the project.  To stop recordings from being deleted, uncheck this.


Audio Track Default Recording Mode:

Choose from "Takes", "Overdub" or "Replace" mode.


Instrument Track Default Recording Mode:

Choose from "Takes", "Overdub" or "Replace" mode.


When Recording Input Is Used On More Than One Track

This instructs the software on how to handle two different tracks trying to use the same recording input.


The default is "Do Not Allow Duplicate Recording Inputs".  This will cause the newly armed track to get the input and any previously armed tracks to become unarmed.


The second option "Allow Duplicate Recording Inputs" allows you to arm any tracks, including the option of arming all tracks with the same recording input.  With this option, you could actually record 5 tracks of the same recording and it is up to you to disarm tracks that you do not wish to record.


Recording Format

Choose from uncompressed WAV or compressed OGG.  OGG allows you to save disk space on your hard drives, if audio quality does not have to be perfect.  If you choose OGG, you will be able to also choose a quality setting.