Sound Device

Sound Device

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Choose settings for your sound devices.



You can choose from Wave or ASIO or WaveRT mode. This choice changes the rest of the controls available on this page.  The ASIO option will be unavailable if no ASIO drivers are found on your computer.  (WaveRT mode is not available on Windows XP.)


Force Single CPU

This will force the sound engine to use a single CPU for mixing audio.  This is only applicable to machines with multiple CPUs, such as a Dual-core or Quad-core computer.  If you have one CPU on your computer, this option will not be available.  You can use this option for better compatibility with older VST effects and virtual instruments.


Use High Priority Threads For Audio Engine

This will cause all audio mixing sound engine threads to mix at a high system priority.  By default, Mixcraft will mix at high priority.


Default Settings

This button will reset your driver and settings to the default.  This will change your settings to the Wave driver at 44,100 Hz, stereo, 16 bits ( 8 buffers @ 16384 bytes).


Open Mixer...

This opens the Windows or ASIO mixer control panel, allowing you to change some settings.  This mostly applies to ASIO mode.