Copy Project Files To...

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You can copy your project and all the sounds, videos and/or recordings used in your project to a single folder or zip file.  This is handy for organizing your projects and backing them up!  In many cases, you use sounds from various folders on your computer.


To copy your project and its sounds, make sure to save it and then click the "File" menu followed by clicking "Copy Project Files To..."  followed by clicking "Folder" or "Zip File".


Choose File menu > Copy Project Files To > Folder...

> Zip File...


Copy To A Folder

Pick a folder to copy your project and files to and click "OK".


Copy To A Zip File

Pick a name of the zip file to create and all project files will be automatically zipped and added to the compressed zip file.  Audio & video files do not necessarily compress well, but this is a great feature for quickly creating a single file that can be emailed or posted to a website.