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There are several ways to add audio clips to the project.


Audio Clip


hmtoggle_arrow1 Sound Menu


Click "Sound" menu > "Add Sound File..." Navigate to a folder with the sound, select it and click "Open".  The sound will be placed where the caret was.  Alternatively, use CTRL+H or click the "Add Sound" button on the toolbar.


Add Sound



hmtoggle_arrow1 Double Click A Track


When you double click on an audio track body, you set the caret and simultaneously bring up a window letting you choose a sound.  The sound will be placed where the caret was.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Add A Sound From The Loop Library


Click the Library tab on the bottom of the Mixcraft window. Select a sound from the library, position the caret where you'd like the sound to go and then click the "+" button next to the sound.  Alternatively, you can drag the sound from the library directly in.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Drag A Sound In From Window's File Explorer


Open a Window's File Explorer window and navigate to the sound or sounds that you want to add.  Select the sound(s) in the File Explorer and drag them into the sound workspace.


hmtoggle_arrow1 Sound Analysis During Loading


When a sound is loaded, the software parses it for peaks in order to display the wave form.  If Auto Beat Matching is on, the software also parses for tempo, beats and key (for sounds over 30 seconds).  If the software detects a tempo or key, it may adjust the snap point to the first beat and alter the sound based on the project key and tempo.